The Games that Defined the Decade: Fortnite

December 03, 2019 1 min read

Fortniteis a latecomer to this decade, only really breaking out in the halcyon days of last year once it became clear that Epic had something lasting on its hands, and not another also-ran riding PUBG's coattails. 

Looking back, it feels downright weird to remember the skepticism that greeted what would become the (current) biggest game in the world. It made sense at the time. In light of the lackluster reception for the original incarnation of Fortnite, now known as its Save The World mode, Fortnite's sudden growth into the burgeoning battle royale space felt like a grab of desperation -- a Hail Mary by Epic to save a lukewarm tech demo by messing around in the space carved out by PUBG and the ArmA mods that spawned it.

And here it is now. On your PC. On every major console. On your phone. And more than likely, on some current or future streaming service near you.

The Games that Defined the Decade: Fortnite screenshot