The Games that Defined the Decade: Minecraft

December 03, 2019 1 min read

It's hard to say what the gaming landscape would look like today if Infiniminer never existed. The game, developed by Zach Barth, presented players with a randomly generated world filled with voxel blocks they were supposed to break for the sweet, sweet minerals inside. It was developed in Barth's spare time and achieved a small amount of repute with PC players who discarded the main objective in favor of making their own objects and buildings with the blocks found in the world. 

On its own, Infiniminer wouldn't even be the footnote in gaming history it is today. Barth stopped development on the title quite quickly after it launched. But the reason it's still talked about and why it's the lede of this piece is because one of its fans was Markus "Notch" Persson, who would take the conceit of Infiniminer and turn it into the most popular video game in the world.

The Games that Defined the Decade: Minecraft screenshot