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The greatest theme song in all of gaming is clearly the Dragon Quest theme

August 13, 2017 2 min read

Madonna once said, “Music makes the people come together.” She also said, “There’s, like no lessons…. There’s, like, no books about anything,” probably in that stupid fake British voice she has going on. She’s right about the music, it does bring people together. Stand in line at a theme park, walk around a mall, as soon as a popular song comes on the radio you should be able to look around and see people mouthing if not outright singing along. It’s also probably an Ed Sheeran song that’s playing.

I can’t make fun of the Halifax ginger because he’s on my iTunes. But over the years, singers like him have been replaced in my life by more and more video game music. I am a huge fan of orchestral recordings and my plate has runneth over the past two decades with all the brilliant music that has come out. From the jazzy fun of Super Mario 3D World to the intense majesty of Metal Gear Solid, my walks and workouts have become a hell of a lot more epic since I’ve replaced Kanye with Koji Kondo. My playlist changes every day, but the same song always gets me started. It’s the song that, when I close my eyes, turns my boring exercise routines in a stunning adventure. It is, as this title implies, the "Dragon Quest Overture."

Theme songs are so incredibly important in gaming. When you put in a cartridge, insert a disc or find your way to the arcade to check out the attract video, it’s the first thing that really gets you in the mood for what you’re about to experience. No single song does that better than the "Dragon Quest Overture." It perfectly captures the fun adventurous spirit of every game in the series. With horns blazing, it announces its arrival like royalty before sweeping you through Koichi Sugiyama’s masterful composition. Whether in midi or backed by a full orchestra, it’s a stunningly powerful way to set the tone for a 40- to 100-hour adventure.

The greatest theme song in all of gaming is clearly the Dragon Quest theme screenshot