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The Heel-Turn: Atlas Shrugged

February 23, 2018 1 min read

[I had a couple of ideas for the heel-turn prompt, but for some reason I never thought of this one. It's a good choice really. What better heel-turn is there than this character, who literally is your ally and turns on you right at the pivotal moment? I applaud Gamemaniac's choice and look at how Atlas works as the de facto heel-turn ofBioShock but, spoilers, I guess? ~Marcel]

At the repeated insistence of local Kevin Deadmoon, I finally decided to see about writing a blog for this month's bloggers wanted. I wasn't sure what I'd pick at first - nothing immediately came to mind and I kept chewing on whether or not I could think of a good heel to muse on. Eventually after some ruminating though, I managed to stumble upon what I think is a good one that I still think holds up today. Spoilers within, but by this point the game's so old that you’re probably aware of what I’m going to discuss here.

The Heel-Turn: Atlas Shrugged screenshot