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The Nintendo Famicom Mini is somehow still stock

August 05, 2017 1 min read

There's nothing like rolling out of bed and playing Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari, amirite? That roughly translates to Hot-Blooded Downtown Story or Downtown Fever, which was later localized as River City Ransom: One of the best NES games ever. Unlike the American game you know, here's a chance to flee from the original high-school-uniformed sprites and into the most terrifying Tokyo situation possible: A Japanese restaurant that doesn't have an English menu.  

If you missed your chance to grab an NES Mini and don't want to pay an eBay scalper four times its value? Want to brush up on your Japanese? The Nintendo Classic Famicom Mini is in stock at Play-Asia for $110 at the time of this writing. You won't need a foreign voltage converter, but it doesn't come with a power brick. Instead, it comes with a puzzling USB Micro-B to USB-A plug (like most Android phones). Maybe you'll want to "splurge" on a surge protector. Actually, you're a goddamned monster if you don't already have an uninterruptible power supply behind your television. Speaking of pain, the controllers were also shrunken and hard-wired with comically short cords like the original, as shown in the photo above. This is strictly for nostalgic Japanese denizens, collectors, and my kind of fetishists. On the bright side, the emulation blows away the Wii U Virtual Console by a landslide.

Here's the full list of games included, with YouTube links to the import oddities:

The Nintendo Famicom Mini is somehow still stock  screenshot