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The latest Borderlands 3 patch increases the level cap to 57

March 31, 2020 1 min read

In case you missed it, Borderlands 3 welcomed its second DLC campaign this past week, Guns, Love, and Tentacles.

But in typical Gearbox fashion they've also delivered a huge patch, which impacts the entire game beyond the scope of the add-on. The big takeaway from the newest patch is easily the level cap increase, which now involves a max level of 57, as well as three new guardian rank skills and a guardian rank increase across the board.

Gearbox is touting the "C'mon and Slam" skill as a huge breakthrough, as it allows players to slam (a downward thrust melee attack) at any height, which "should make slam gear a lot more interesting." There's also "Too Angry to Die," which extends your second win meter through damage. You can also start the DLC with an "auto-leveled character" if you want (games like Destiny sometimes charge for this) and "Moxxtail events" can convert Twitch Bits into in-game buffing beverages for streamers (man 2020 is weird).

The team also crammed in a ton of bug fixes and stability alterations, which you can read below. One step closer to fully optimizing the game on PC, which actually runs a lot better now after all this time (I swapped to Steam when the opportunity presented itself, and brought my characters along for the ride).

Patch Notes 3/26/2020 [Reddit]

The latest Borderlands 3 patch increases the level cap to 57 screenshot