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The Mario Brothers are slinging energy drinks under the table

May 01, 2017 1 min read

The review scores of Mario Sports Superstars drove the Mushroom Kingdom to drinking, and the drink of choice is a new brew of DEKAVITA C, which roughly translates to "Big Vitamin C".  It's Suntory Corporation's watery, less acrid version of a weak-ass Red Bull with special vitamins and minerals and shit. The ads are playing on Japanese television and I also found a bunch of them all over the JR Line in Shibuya. We've seen Nintendo do a ton of crossovers in the past years, including a bizarre Mercedes-Benz crossover that didn't end in people flipping cars. I'm in Tokyo for 3 more days then getting the fuck out of Asia like the avian flu. 

It's an all-star cast: The guy playing Mario is Toma Ikuta, a popular actor from Johnny's Entertainment, Luigi is Sosuke Ikematsu, the Princess is Moe Sasaki, and Toad is the child actor Kokoro Terada.  There's also the totally fake gamer girl (look for the product placement next to the sofa, blink and you'll miss it!) whose blood type is O and was in a controversial commercial where she sprays water on her breasts and then turns into a giant barbecued eel, because Japan. Happy stalking!

The Mario Brothers are slinging energy drinks under the table screenshot