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The most woefully under-exposed Switch eShop games of 2019

December 24, 2019 2 min read

When Nintendo first entered the fray of online storefronts with the Wii Shop Channel, you were lucky to get one great game a month on the service.

The scarcity of high-profile, critically acclaimed titles helped standouts like World of Goo, the Bit.Trip series, and the Lost Winds games to rise to the top. Still, that didn't do much for lesser-discussed but still super-fun games like You, Me and the Cubes, Snowpack Park, and Lilt Line. Even first-party games like Excitebike: World Rally were often ignored. I've met countless people over the years who have complained that Nintendo stopped making new Excitebike games who have no idea that World Rally exists. Now that it's dead, along with the rest of WiiWare, they may never know what they're missing. 

Despite these bright spots, people just sort of stopped paying attention to WiiWare after a while. The Switch eShop has the opposite problem. The store is booming, with hits like Untitled Goose Game, Shovel Knight, and even the Microsoft-published Cuphead doing as well if not better than many of Nintendo's own creations. The bad news for indies today is, if your game doesn't go viral, you're really pressing your luck on the storefront. Competition for people's attention is too fierce. Many interesting, worthwhile games are getting ignored every week by both the media and players alike. 

That's why I've rounded up a few of them for you. Be warned though, this list won't include a lot of games that you probably already love. If we've reviewed it in some capacity before, I may have decided to skip it, so Blaster Master Zero 2, Mechstermination Force, Roof Rage, Forager, Ape Out, Odallus, and Dandy Dungeon won't make the cut, even though they are all deserving of your attention. This time we'll be looking more at games that, chances are, you've never been told about at all. Hopefully you'll see something you like. If you do, spread the word. Speak for the games who can't speak for themselves. 

The most woefully under-exposed Switch eShop games of 2019 screenshot