The party don't start till Struthers gets here...

June 15, 2020 1 min read

This strange "non-E3" season is now fully underway, with heavy hitters such as PlayStation and the PC Gaming Show already resting up after a weekend of exciting news. There are still plenty of publishers waiting to bear all, however, and perhaps none more ferociously than the bad folk at Devolver Digital.

While the curator of the weird and wonderful is yet to announce a specific date for its annual presentation, a tweet posted yesterday suggests that the team is aiming to take to the digital stage mid-July, and is currently scurrying to complete production work on its latest nightmare fest. Devolver has won acclaim in recent years for its irreverent, batshit, and bloodstained E3 presentations, but it's understandable that 2020 has put significant hurdles in the way of many companies' plans.

But it's fine. The indomitable, nay, unstoppable Nina Struthers is always worth waiting for.

Devolver Direct conference being planned for mid-July [PC Gamer]

The party don't start till Struthers gets here... screenshot