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The simple liberty of backlog diving

March 07, 2018 1 min read

Let’s be honest, many of us have backlog problems. We’re constantly compelled to keep up with the latest gaming trends and the most exciting releases. We have a variety of reasons why we may want to buy new games now rather than waiting for sales and price cuts later. But as a result of our constant need to keep up and buy more games, we leave more and more games unfinished.

Sometimes buying the newest stuff works to my advantage, such as allowing me to join plenty of thrilling hunts with friends in Monster Hunter: World. Some other games I definitely wish I had waited on, such as Star Ocean V.  Yet whenever I step away from the most recent releases in favor of revisiting my backlog, I'm consistently able to find a certain relieving joy. That feeling of playing through a backlog, in some ways, is more satisfying than jumping right onto the hype trains.

The simple liberty of backlog diving screenshot