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The skipper's guide to Warframe's new railjacks and Empyrean

December 30, 2019 1 min read

Warframe dropped its Empyrean update, first for PC during The Game Awards and then a week later for PS4 and Xbox One. Like many of my experiences with new Warframe content, it is buggy as hell, but it hit the promised December 2019 release in time as a sort of Christmas gift for Tenno players. While it could've released in the new year after some more time in the oven, the railjack experience right now is a fun, hot mess. There are a lot of technical problems with Empyrean, but damn if I don't want to jump back in as a skipper and gun down some spacefighters.

This is a primer for starting your railjack experience in the first area, Earth Proxima. There is a lot to go over in terms of the mechanics and menus, but learning the new lexicon and UI is a steady process compared to getting thrown into the fire that is manning a railjack meant for four. For now, this primer is mostly to guide your first experience of being inside a railjack and completing missions without blowing it up.

The skipper's guide to Warframe's new railjacks and Empyrean screenshot