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The Stranger Things game is free on the Epic store right now

June 25, 2020 1 min read

Epic Games Store? More like Epic Free Games Store. Another Thursday, another round of freebies courtesy of Epic.

The title with the most brand-name recognition behind it is Stranger Things 3: The Game. This one is a co-op beat-em-up that follows the events of the show's third season. It's a decent enough game -- maybe a bit dull and unnecessary -- and the boss fights are supposed to be clever. It might be worth it just to see The Mind Flayer stylized for a retro game.

The other Epic freebie is AER Memories of Old. AERhas you soaring across abstract skies, freely exploring ancient ruins to find the end of this shattered world. It's supposed to be a meditative experience similar to Rime or Journey.

(If the Epic Games Store really ain't your thing, both these games are a part of the Steam Summer Sale. Stranger Things is $5 and AER is $3.)

For those who already have their eyes trained on next week, the Dong Slider is back. Conan Exiles and its customizable floppy dicks will be free starting July 2. Color-matching puzzle platformer Hue joins it. Hue is a wonderful little game, but I'm afraid it'll live in the dong's shadow.

Stranger Things 3: The Game, AER Memories of Old [Epic Games Store]

The Stranger Things game is free on the Epic store right now screenshot