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The 'Stranger Things' in my game collection

November 05, 2017 1 min read

There are some seriously weird games out there – this is what you quickly learn when you start collecting them, even with a focus on specific consoles. There's always at least one or two developers, big or small, that like to take serious risks with their releases, sprinkling vast amounts of What The Fuckery wherever they tread.

But games can be weird because of more than just their context. The context of when I bought some of the games in my collection is truly bizarre, and while some of the titles don't quite fit the rank of "hidden gems", some were never released in some regions for various reasons. I thought at first that my PS1-PS3 collection (the main consoles I collect for) was as bland as butter, but on closer inspection, it has its fair share of "What the hell is that?!" moments, too. 

So, in honour of the recent release of Season 2 of Stranger Thingson Netflix, here are five games pulled from my shelves (and one from my Steam library) that, whether they're good or bad, are thoroughly "strange". Note that my list doesn't cover some of the genuine PlayStation oddballs like Mr Moskeeto, No One Can Stop Mr. Domino! and LSD: Dream Emulator, simply because I haven't gotten my mitts on them yet.

The 'Stranger Things' in my game collection screenshot