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The Super Nintendo almost had banking software?!

April 23, 2017 1 min read

This week, Destructoid's staff began voting on our 30 favorite Super Nintendo games in anticipation for the much-rumored SNES comeback. It's getting ugly and personal. One guy voted fourteen times for Ken Griffey Jr. We'll have the results for you soon.

While digging for obscure titles I found a goldmine from the past - Super Nintendo banking software. It wasn't even a weird Japanese thing, either. This thing made the rounds last year on a few blogs but I don't think we ever covered it. I honestly thought it was a Tim and Eric skit. Great job! 

In 1998, a Canadian company called TranDirect decided that the best way to get their banking software into every home was to kick little Timmy off of Super Mario Brothers so daddy could pay the bills.  At a time when very few families could afford a personal computer, this almost made sense.  You know, as much sense as trusting your toaster oven to safely warm your genitals. It obviously never took off, but the Jaguar-style controller bundled with it is a beautiful thing. Look at all those buttons! I kinda want one but it appears to be extremely rare - there aren't any listings on eBay at the time of this article, for example.  

The Super Nintendo almost had banking software?! screenshot