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The terror and triumph in Rainbow Six Siege

November 06, 2018 1 min read

[Soulbow's ongoing inside joke is that he likesRainbow Six Siege and some of the community sandbag his favorite game. So this is me officially breaking the sandbag, if at least for just a day. Because here, he describes a typical game so well. ~ Marcel]

Just like that, I watched my teammates' lives end before my eyes. I observed from outside, on a rappel line, as they stacked up on the objective doorway. "Don't stack up, you're easy pickings" I grumbled out through my mic. They didn't listen, they never do.

Gunfire erupts from inside the room. A parade of bullets echo throughout my headset as I watch the heads of one, two, three of my teammates snap back as they slumped to the ground. Suddenly this had become 2v5, all in a split second. My other teammate, bless his heart; thought he could catch them reloading as he cover swapped to the other side of the doorway. Peeking in I watched as his head vaporized like the numbers in my bank account after payday.


The terror and triumph in Rainbow Six Siege screenshot