The transferable skills in gaming

Authored By Charlotte Cutts

Long gone are the days when playing computer games was seen as the reserve of teenagers or people with less "respectable" hobbies. People from all walks of life enjoy sitting down with their favourite console or indulging in some PC gaming, and explaining to your coworkers that you spent all weekend powering through Far Cry 5 doesn't attract the same looks of derision or confusion as it perhaps once did.

What's more, it's widely accepted that a person's hobbies can make them more suited to certain types of employment, through the wonderful world of "transferable skills". While I wouldn't suggest putting your burning passion for League of Legends on your CV for real, it is interesting to think about how our interactive shared hobby hones our various skill sets. So, which talents can you improve or forge for the first time by being a gamer? I've selected just a handful of these skills and explained why they are so useful below.

The transferable skills in gaming screenshot


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