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The Walking Dead Season 8 Recap: 'Honor'

February 25, 2018 2 min read

[Editor's Note: Before we say anything, this recap will obviously go into detail about last night's episode of The Walking Dead, so there are going to be a ton of SPOILERS. Beginning now.]

How often do we get to have a moment like this in the The Walking Dead, let alone in images for The Walking Dead? Basically never, so it was fitting to use our header image here. Seriously, spoilers, beginning now.

The Season 8 mid-season premiere served two purposes: it speaks to choices and the impact they can have on your chances for some kind of future in this zombie eat zombie world, and works as an incredible sendoff for Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs). So often on this show, deaths are unexpected, or immediate, or both, and there's no chance for characters to have the emotional moments with each other that they do in so much of television. In many ways, this makes The Walking Dead stronger than its competition as it forgoes the cliche in favor of unexpected twists that probably still have you guessing. 

We're in the eighth season, and they just killed one of two characters that's been in every episode of the show. There are only four principals left from the first season! And two others from seasons two and three. And they just killed one of their stars. Fittingly, they took the time to do it right, with a mid-season reveal that Carl was doomed to die, and an episode that said goodbye, but also spent a lot of time speaking to Carl's philosophies from the apocalyptic world and how they play out across several main characters decision-making processes.

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