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The Wii U is losing its Amazon Prime Video app soon

July 25, 2019 1 min read

Pour another one out for the Wii U. By my count, I have personally poured out exactly 1,000 bottles of beer for this console, but I will continue to cover it until every last drop of beer on planet Earth has been obliterated. The Wii U will remain in my house pretty much forever, in part as a Pikmin 3 machine (and if the Switch takes that away from it, many other games).

Anyway! It looks like the Wii U is in fact losing another service soon. According to an internal email from Amazon (courtesy of ResetEra), the Prime Video app is going kaput. The email states that on September 26, 2019, service will end for Wii U, and "certain devices" will get the axe. Amazon is giving what seems to be regular Prime Wii U users $25 credit to pick up a Fire TV device, an offer that will expire on November 1.

Although the original Wii is still supporting video services because of its high userbase, the Wii U just couldn't keep putting up numbers like its dear old dad. There are a surprising amount of people who still use their Wii U for video in that ResetEra thread, so consider this a PSA!

ElectricBlanketFire [ResetEra via Nintendo Life]

The Wii U is losing its Amazon Prime Video app soon screenshot