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The women of color critics you need to be reading

June 17, 2018 1 min read

(Editor's Note: Flixist and Destructoid are not immune to this issue. Despite actively searching we suck at recruiting women. It's an issue we take seriously. If you're a woman and enjoy writing about movies or video games we'd love to give you a chance. Please reach out to niero@destructoid.com with a little about yourself and some writing samples.)

recent study has confirmed what we already know: film criticism is pretty much a white-male-dominated place. As a woman of color working as a film critic, I get that diversity is a problem. It remains, as always, a question of access, though I think that with #MeToo and Time's Up right in the public eye, the awareness of women in film and entertainment is much more on the rise this year.

Although I agree that there are loads of really respectable, entertaining and worthy male reviewers out there (I work with an awesome team here at Flixist and over at Destructoid, and I'm a loyal Wittertainee, too), I simply want to throw out the names of a few prominent WoC critics today and share their work, because they're worth celebrating. Here are five of the best you can follow:

The women of color critics you need to be reading screenshot