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There's a badass weasel in the next Gundam Build series

February 03, 2018 1 min read

It looks 2018 will bring us more Gundam Build shows. So why am I leaving the "Fighters" part out of the title?  Well, it turns out that the next anime about Gunpla battles shall be known as Gundam Build Divers. Based on its prologue episode on GundamInfo, the fights take place in virtual reality.

With this new setting, we get treated to a group of characters fighting a team lead by a manly weasel who resembles a high-ranking Zeon soldier. Compare to the previous Build Fighters stuff, Gundam AGE got some love in Build Diver's prologue as we see a custom variant of the AGE II called Gundam AGE II Magnum. Interestingly, the unit will make an appearance in New Gundam Breaker, which serves as a second way to promote the kit.

If the series turns out to be good, then AGE's cool units will get redeemed. Gundam Build Diver premieres this Spring and the show's protagonist, Riku, uses a kit called Gundam 00 Diver. As we wait for it to air, you can check out the 15-minute episode below, along with the information on the staff and voice actors. 

There's a badass weasel in the next Gundam Build series screenshot