These are the highest scoring games of the decade

December 06, 2019 1 min read

Let's take a pleasant stroll down memory lane, a nice retrospective of the very best video games of the past 10 years. Then, let's get in a fight about what's where and whose opinions are more right.

Metacritic, always aggregating, has aggregated yet again. It has formed a list of the highest-reviewed games over the last decade. It's a snapshot of quality, a collection of games that won't find many dissenters.

Nintendo and Rockstar cleaned up, as those two developers took up the entirety of the top five spots. Otherwise, there's kind of something for (mostly) everyone: Big-budget blockbusters, little indies that could, JRPGs, competitive online games -- you name it, this list acknowledges it (if it's good and reviewed well).

But what sticks out now that we have the benefit of hindsight? Public opinion really turned on BioShock Infinite, so seeing that crack the top 15 seems a little strange. Or, if you asked me to guess Mass Effect 3's Metacritic score, I'd probably have gone low 80s. Also, my game of the decade, The Witness, is nowhere to be found. Invalid list!

Here are Metacritic's best video games of the decade:

These are the highest scoring games of the decade screenshot