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This real-life Final Fantasy XIV Aetheryte crystal is incredible

August 12, 2019 1 min read

Square Enix recently held a Final Fantasy XIV FanFest in Shanghai, China (read: a special expo held in several counties that specifically celebrates FFXIV, typically with news and live concerts), and the production quality was off the wall.

An attendee managed to capture this video of a moving Aetheryte crystal, which seems to be made to scale from the in-game model. For those of you who don't play Final Fantasy XIV, the Aetheryte crystals are like one giant, lore-based fast travel system. You "attune" to them in new locations, then you can instantly queue up a teleport command to move from place to place. Cities even have individual transport systems that allow you to hop between specific hot spots, like the market or a quest hub.

The 'Fest also featured one of the best cosplays I've ever seen when an attendee rocked Lakshmi: a Final Fantasy XIV boss from the last expansion, Stormblood. The outfit is so elaborate that it has a cart to hold the whole thing together. Check out the comparison pictures in the gallery below!

Lori Yojimbo [Twitter]

This real-life Final Fantasy XIV Aetheryte crystal is incredible screenshot