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THQ Nordic surprise releases Titan Quest: Atlantis

May 10, 2019 1 min read

Yesterday was just chock full of surprise PC releases. NightDive Studios unleashed its long-awaited port of Blood, then THQ Nordic surprise dropped the third expansion for Titan Quest. Titled Titan Quest: Atlantis, this latest addition to the fan-favorite ARPG sees players travel to the mythical land of Atlantis and likely kick Aquaman's ass. I made up that last part, but the story description on the Steam store page is surprisingly light.

What I can tell you is that a new campaign is available with support for up to six-player co-op. And endless wave mode is also available with randomized challenges mixing up parameters. Graphical improvements include color grading and SSAO (some fancy lighting technique). There's also an in-game casino to waste your excess cash on, dolling out randomly generated loot for you to mess with.

Titan Quest: Atlantis is currently available on Steam and will be heading to other digital distribution platforms shortly. You'll need to have the Anniversary Edition update to play it, though that was given out to owners of the previous version on Steam a few years back. You may have it and not even know.

THQ Nordic surprise releases Titan Quest: Atlantis screenshot