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Three games that ditch standard controllers

November 11, 2017 1 min read

Last week, I went to the PLAY creative gaming festival, which takes place every year in Hamburg, Germany. PLAY17 was both entertaining and educational, with something for people of all ages, including workshops, talks and even a game-themed poetry slam. The highlight of the long weekend, though, was the exhibition spaces, which were filled to the brim with prototypes and new/recent releases by indie developers and students from all over Europe. I had the opportunity to play most of them, and none of them were disappointing. (Except Snake Pass. Hated the controls.)

I'm not really sure what sort of games I expected beforehand, but I vaguely imagined developers playing around with stories, engines and art styles. I don't think it had popped into my head even once that devs might design their own controllers: as a person coming to games from a consumer perspective, the concept of a game as an exhibition piece, rather than as something in the home or on the go, was completely new to me. So of course, I will now gush about all the shiny new specimens I found at PLAY17 that have their own very special controllers.

This piece involves fire, air and...er...dots.

Three games that ditch standard controllers screenshot