Today's Fallout 76 patch better do a lot because it's nearly 50GB

November 19, 2018 1 min read

A contentious and almost-universally hated constraint in Fallout 76 is the stash limit. This game that incentivizes grabbing anything that isn't bolted down will only allow you to keep a collection of items that total 400 weight. It's a silly restriction that Bethesda plans to change in the near future.

However, a more realistic restriction that Bethesda is ignoring entirely is how many people's internet service providers have imposed data caps. Fallout 76's first major patch deployed this morning, and it's hefty hefty hefty. It weighs in at 48.39GB on Xbox One (Version It's 47.26GB on PS4 (Version The update seemingly replaces the old game file entirely. PC players get off easier at 15GB (Version

This patch doesn't necessarily have an obvious point of emphasis that everyone will be happy to see changed. It's unfortunately not the update where the stash limit is increased. Rather, this focuses more on bug fixes and stability improvements. The latter is entirely welcomed with open arms. However, this patch does solve the issue where almost nobody could finish the Bureau of Tourism quest. Now, Prickett's Fort Token Dispenser can be repaired, meaning you can knock that annoying last objective off of your quest log for good.

Here's the entirety of the patch notes for today's Fallout 76 update:

Today's Fallout 76 patch better do a lot because it's nearly 50GB screenshot