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Treadnauts looks like pure chaotic fun

February 02, 2018 1 min read

Treadnautsis a bouncy, high-flying tank combat multiplayer game that brings back fond memories of Scorched Earth and Death Tank. It's really been coming together since we touched on it last year, and it's now primed for Steam Early Access. There's even a smash-the-target challenge mode!

Some of these concepts have been explored before, but the presentation, characters, and charm make Treadnautsstand out in my eyes. Here's the content breakdown for Early Access per Topstitch Games:

  • Four playable zones, each with unique mechanics and physics objects
  • Couch competitive mode for 2-4 local players
  • Online multiplayer for single pilots or duos (Beta!)
  • Single-player Target Test mode with medals and global leaderboards
  • 20+ funky modifiers to shake things up!

"For the most part, the game plays the way that it will on launch day! The next six months of Treadnauts dev is focused on bug fixes, console ports, and improvements suggested by our community."

They're aiming for a full launch on Steam and consoles by summer 2018.

Treadnauts [Steam Early Access]

Treadnauts looks like pure chaotic fun screenshot