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Trials Rising reminds me why I love the series

June 18, 2018 1 min read

It's been several years now since Trials Fusion and that means it's getting to be about time for another installment. While Fusionhad the right mechanical foundation, I thought it fell short with its futuristic theme and misplaced emphasis on tricks. It felt like a step down from the stellar Trials Evolution.

With that aftertaste lingering in my mouth since 2014, I wasn't feeling super confident about Trials Rising. Ubisoft's demo at E3 has lifted my spirits, though -- the game seems like a return to form.

There wasn't any one particular element that stood out to me as the difference maker, but it had the right look and more importantly the right handling. Levels themed around a skate park and an amusement park were lively yet easy to read, and despite not playing Trialsin a good long while, I slipped right back into my old ways in Rising. This is shaping up to be comfort food for fans.

Trials Rising reminds me why I love the series screenshot