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Two more amazing Castlevania soundtracks are coming to vinyl

October 22, 2018 1 min read

When I say that Castlevania Requiemis among my most-wanted games coming out before the end of the year, I'm not even slightly exaggerating. It's a chance to revisit Symphony of the Nightand Rondo of Blood on a modern platform, and while there are a handful of big-name releases left in 2018, I'm feeling worn down by triple-A gaming. I'm in a total "chill with old Castlevania games" mood right now.

Like most fans, a huge part of my love for the Castlevania series at large stems from its music. It slaps. These games couldn't have reached the lofty heights they did without their scene-setting music. A killer soundtrack can help make a good game great, and turn a great game into an all-time classic.

I'm smiling just thinking about "Dracula's Castle" kicking in as Alucard's adventure begins in earnest.

Castlevaniais no stranger to vinyl releases, and if you're looking to grow your collection, Wednesday's the day. Mondo is planning two new vinyls -- one for Symphony of the Night, one for Rondo of Blood. They're $35 each and ship out in early November; pre-orders open October 24 at 10:00am Pacific.

Two more amazing Castlevania soundtracks are coming to vinyl screenshot