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Two Point Hospital is full of puns, patients, and pedigree

July 18, 2018 1 min read

Hospitals have always been a major part of my life. I was born with a rare skin disease that goes by many names but the one I've most heard it referred to as is Giant Congenital Nevus. In layman's terms, the disease is an over pigmentation of the skin, like a mole, but covering a great deal of my body. My strain of the disease is a particularly bad one. It's in my blood, and I have an increased risk of developing melanoma because of it.

Growing up, I was in and out of hospitals as doctors worked to remove the nevus from my body. I became frightened of going. By the time I reached my teens, I only associated hospitals with pain, blood, tears, misery, and my screams as nurses pulled the gelatinous bandages from my back. I still get a shiver up my spine anytime I smell cleaning products that remotely resembles what was used at Seattle Children’s all those years ago.

Consumption of media set in hospitals helped me get over a majority of my fear. ERand Scrubs were required viewing for me. One of the few games our family computer could run growing up was Life & Death. Those shows, that game and everything else that came after allowed me to see hospitals for what they actually are, not what my infantile nightmares convinced me they were.

Now, I kind of like hospitals, and as I learned during a recent hands-on session with the upcoming Two Point Hospital, I absolutely love making my own.

Two Point Hospital is full of puns, patients, and pedigree screenshot