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Video Review: Pokemon Gold (3DS)

October 07, 2017 1 min read

I'm gonna bet Crystal will arrive sometime in December but, with that said, here's my video review for Pokémon Gold! A game that brings up so many memories for me. A little fun fact about myself: I went to Japan... when I was like eight or nine. But, whenever I play this game, those memories immediately come to my mind. My family went there in 2000 to visit a relative, who was dating a Japanese man and living with his family, which included his sister, her husband, and three kids.

One of those kids was only about a year or two older than me and despite the fact we couldn't understand one another, we did understand one thing -- and that was Pokémon. He had a copy of Gold and I had a copy of Silver. We compared teams, showed off Pokédex to one another, and we even tried trading via the link cable. Sadly, for whatever reason, it didn't work. (I think it was region locked, I'm not sure though).

Video Review: Pokemon Gold (3DS) screenshot