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Vita-exclusive Assault Gunners is getting ported to PC and PS4

February 21, 2018 1 min read

You'd be forgiven if the name Assault Gunners doesn't ring a bell. It's a mech battler that released for the Vita in 2012 and it was only available in Japan. Saying it had limited exposure would be an understatement.

Assault Gunnersis about to have the opportunity for a lot more people to know its name. Publisher Marvelous Europe (who's probably best known for Senran Kagura) is porting the game to PlayStation 4 and PC on March 20 under the new title of Assault Gunners HD Edition. The standard version will be priced at $10.

Those might not be the only platforms that this port finds its way to. Recently, the Australian ratings board gave Assault Gunners a rating on Switch. Because this game was originally a PlayStation-exclusive, it's possible that Sony has some sort of ongoing deal that prevents other console versions from launching at the same time. The press release we received makes no mention of a Switch port.

Speculation aside, it's just one month until this Vita-exclusive Japanese-only game from six years ago breaks free of those restrictions. That's kind of neat. Mechs don't have real lives per se, but Assault Gunners just got a second lease on life.

Vita-exclusive Assault Gunners is getting ported to PC and PS4 screenshot