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We explore the story of Outpost Games & SOS in Gameumentary's next documentary

January 15, 2018 2 min read

Hey Destructoid fans, it's almost time for a new video game documentary from your friends at Gameumentary. Maybe you forgot because it's been a while, but Destructoid's parent company, Enthusiast Gaming, helped fund our Kickstarter campaign so that we could bring documentaries exclusively to Destructoid.

Gameumentary's next documentary covers the story of a studio you may or may not have heard of yet, but they're working on something that could change the game for streamers.

In October 2017 we made our way out to sunny South San Francisco to cover the story of Outpost Games, a game studio founded by the former creative director of Dead Space 2, Wright Bagwell.

Quite a few key staff members from the Visceral Games crew now work at Outpost Games by the way. We reminisced about Dead Space with them here.

Outpost is working on a game called SOS which is a battle royale-like title, but with a twist. The game treats players as performers using a new platform called Hero. Each match is played live and while the game is being played, it's also streamed through the platform to viewers who can rate how someone is performing using different reactions and as a group even influence who gets off the island by voting on what is provided by supply drops.

The game sort of plays out like an episode of survivor, with an introductory sequence that showcases players' reputations based on their performance. For example, two players might play in the same game and team up. At some point, one of the players decide to betray their teammate and kill them. If these two players end up in another match together, which does happen quite often, the game will actually show in the intro sequence that player X betrayed player Y.

SOS is heavily reliant on players communicating and interacting with one another, and from my personal time with the alpha build of the game, I was surprised to see just how easy and fun it was to get into. The staff at Outpost Games even told us stories about players who took on a completely false personality just to trick players in helping them get off the island!

Here's a video from Game Society that shows some gameplay from an earlier build of the game back in June. It's a bit hard to explain how SOS works without sounding like an advert, so apologies for that.

We chose to tell the story of Outpost Games because we've done retrospective documentaries, and have more to do, but we also wanted to share with you a story about developers who are right in the middle of development and working to build something more than just a game, but an innovation in the industry.

We hope you'll tune-in to their ongoing story when we release the full documentary next Tuesday, January 23rd. Funnily enough, and I promise this was completely unplanned, SOS launches into Early Access on the 23rd of January as well.

For now, enjoy the trailer! If you'd like to stay up to date with everything Gameumentary is doing documentary-wise, feel free to follow us on Twitter.

We explore the story of Outpost Games & SOS in Gameumentary's next documentary screenshot