We'll see over an hour of Death Stranding at Tokyo Game Show

September 10, 2019 2 min read

After our last look at Death Stranding y'know, the gamescom presentation with peeing and a digitized Geoff Keighley I'm not sure I want to see much more. I kinda feel like I'm good until this game is in my hands and I'm making the trek across a fractured, apparition-filled America for myself. The initial obscure marketing sparked my imagination, and I'm starting to miss that sense of intrigue.

This week during Tokyo Game Show 2019, Hideo Kojima and co. plan to show a ton more gameplay and, I'll be honest, I'm going to have a tough time looking away. Kojima tweeted a behind-the-scenes photo teasing the latest Death Strandingvideo. "It's going to be 49 mins long," he said. 49 minutes.

"While finishing up the game, I'm preparing for the TGS presentation by asking my team to gather the gameplay footage to edit by myself," he added. "As well as the script for the stage show. Now I am about to prepare the one for Saturday. It always goes like this until I die."

Considering Tokyo Game Show will likely be the last major public outing for Death Strandingprior to its November 8 launch, I feel like this won't just be more of the same. Take us to the other side!

Previously, Kojima Productions marked the TGS calendar with multiple Death Strandingshowings. The big opener will happen on September 12, followed by half an hour of gameplay on September 14, and a session with Death Stranding's Japanese voice actors closing things out on September 15.

It's hard to believe it's almost time for Tokyo Game Show. Next thing I know, it'll be November. We'll all be hiking up mountains, lulling our Bridge Babies to sleep, and gawking at Mads.

We'll see over an hour of Death Stranding at Tokyo Game Show screenshot