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We're going down to South Park in October

May 17, 2017 1 min read

It has taken us longer to get to South Park than originally planned. There has been a detour or two along the way, just like with Stick of Truth a few years ago. Waiting for a South Park game is a lot like flying Spirit Airlines: Expect delays because they're probably coming.

We might be in the clear now, though. Ubisoft sent out a press release today that dates South Park: The Fractured but Whole for October 17 -- exactly five months from now. Accompanying that announcement is this new trailer which is very on-brand for South Park.

Whether this is actually the light at the end of the tunnel remains to be seen. Another delay wouldn't be a tremendous shock, especially given the series' history. Stick of Truth turned out brilliantly despite having its launch date pushed back a handful of times. Whatever it takes to make The Fractured but Whole similarly good.

Besides, waiting for The Fractured but Whole only allows me to further ruminate about the time Ubisoft talked me into strapping on a fart mask. Deep personal reflection is needed after such a traumatic and foolishly self-inflicted experience.

We're going down to South Park in October screenshot