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We've got some three-day PAX Unplugged passes to give away

November 10, 2017 1 min read

The first ever PAX Unplugged is starting in just one week! It's nice to see a PAX that didn't sell out immediately. In fact, all but the Saturday tickets are still available on the show's website. But you know what? You, dear loyal Destructoid reader/tabletop game enthusiast, might not even need to buy a pass. Because we were able to snag ten of them to give away.

How do you enter? Quote this tweet on Twitter with your favorite board game and the hashtag #PAXUnplugged. That's it! You've got 280 characters to work with now, so you can even tell a short story about why it's your favorite. Up to ten winners will be selected at random on Tuesday, November 14 from any entrants, and will they be able to pick up a three-day pass at will call in Philadelphia.

If any of you say Monopoly is your favorite, you will be immediately disqualified as you are obviously a scalper trying to snag a badge to sell for that sweet profit. (Not really, but seriously, if Monopoly is your favorite board game, please play more board games.)

You still have to get yourself to Philadelphia, and figure out where to sleep, and keep yourself fed and clothed for the trip, but hey, if you've got that all sorted, you can save yourself the $60 it costs for a three-day pass.

We've got some three-day PAX Unplugged passes to give away screenshot