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What Disney worlds should we visit in Kingdom Hearts III?

June 25, 2017 1 min read

Kingdom Hearts III feels like it’s been in development since before the release of Steamboat Willie. After Kingdom Hearts II’s release all the way back on the PS2, we’ve seen nothing but spin-offs and side stories since, spanning a couple of different devices, before getting an endless parade of re-releases and compilations. The most recent of which brought every game in the series except for Dream Drop Distance to the PlayStation 4 in one package.

While I’m sure there is another compilation planned that will bring 3D into the mix, there is nothing else on the horizon except III. Finger crossed it stays that way. Right before E3, we got a new trailer that showed off a bit more of the Olympus themed level as well as a more mature design for Sora. Next month at D23 we’re supposed to get our first look at a new world. So far it’s been revealed Tangled and Big Hero 6 will be making appearances as playable worlds in Kingdom Hearts III, but with nearly a century of Disney history to pull from, it’s anyone’s guess which other movies or TV shows will make the cut.

With that, I wanted to know which new worlds our Destructoid writers would want to see in KHIII.

What Disney worlds should we visit in Kingdom Hearts III? screenshot