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What do you want from Microsoft's E3 presentation?

June 09, 2018 2 min read

Let's face it, the Xbox One has had a bit of a tumultuous lifecycle so far. Right from the get-go, it drew the ire of the gaming community with criticisms mostly stemming from its highly restrictive DRM features, which were thankfully scrapped prior to its launch. It also launched with slightly weaker hardware than the PlayStation 4, which was only further hindered by its then-mandatory Kinect support.

Microsoft's console is still the subject of criticism to this day, most notably of which revolves around a lack of meaningful exclusives when compared to the likes of Sony and Nintendo's offerings. Despite this, the company's E3 showings have nonetheless been pretty solid in recent years. The reveal of the Xbox One X, for instance, was one of the more exciting announcements of last year from a hardware perspective.

To its credit, I have to say that I’ve loved the Xbox One’s offerings in terms of features and services, most notably the ability to play older games via backwards compatibility. It’s a huge point of differentiation from the likes of Sony and Nintendo — both of which have eschewed the ability to play prior purchases in favour of newer games and enhanced ports.

While it may not have as many console-exclusive games as the PlayStation 4 or the Switch, I have also enjoyed the hell out of the likes of Sunset Overdrive and Forza Horizon 3. Then there's Cuphead, which went on to become a much-beloved indie darling.

What I’m trying to say is that all Microsoft needs to do to win E3 for me is to have Phil Spencer walk up on stage, announce that Metal Wolf Chaos is coming to Xbox One either as a remaster or via the aforementioned backwards compatibility, then immediately strut off while whistling merrily.

Oh, and I guess Microsoft could further flesh out the Windows 10 Store in order to make it a viable alternative to Steam. That would be nice to see. As would newer instalments from its roster of IPs, such as Fable or Banjo Kazooie. The former has always been somewhat of a guilty pleasure of mine.

That’s just my (probably terrible) take, though. What do you want to see from Microsoft at this year’s E3? We posed this question to the Destructoid community, and here’s what they had to say:

What do you want from Microsoft's E3 presentation? screenshot