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What do you want revealed at E3 2018?

May 27, 2018 2 min read

E3 is roughly two weeks away and it’s promising to be one hell of a show. We already know a bit about what’s being shown, and there will no doubt be 500 more “leaks” between now and when the show officially opens, but part of the joy in the lead up to the show are the “what ifs.” Those games that remain a glimmer in your eye, your secret want that you know might not happen but you can’t help but holding onto hope that you and whoever makes the decisions about what games are made are operating at the same wavelength.

Last year I asked for WarioWare Switch, saying I’d even be happy for a game that was like Rhythm Heaven Megamix that brought the greatest micro-games from the franchise into one package. Turns out I got my wish with WarioWare Gold, just not on the console I was expecting. I can’t wait for that to be on my 3DS, which brings me to my big wish for the show: I want one final, big game for the 3DS. Not a port, not a remake -- though the rumored one to be announced during the Treehouse broadcast sounds juicy -- but an honest-to-God, big, new game for the handheld.

I know that’s probably a lot to ask for as all of the Nintendo games in the works for it are ports and remakes. And there is nothing wrong with a really good remake. Metroid: Samus Returns is a great game, but I maxed out Ever Oasis. It’s honestly one of my favorite games for the system and I’d simply be amazed if there is one final game in the works for it that can strike gold the same way it did. Nintendo said it has stuff in the pipeline for the 3DS, though who knows what that will be after Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story + Bowser Jr.’s Journey. As someone who is going to play their 3DS until it absolutely dies, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for one last hurrah.

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