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What is one game you know will never leave your backlog?

January 07, 2018 2 min read

Last week I asked what everybody's gaming resolution for 2018 was and more than few Destructoid readers responded with some idea pertaining to their backlog. A backlog is something we likely all have and as we grow older and have to adjust our lives to the realities we live in, the chances of us actually going back and playing these games shrinks. It's just a part of being a gamer in the era of endless entertainment.

My backlog right now is sitting around 100 games if I don't count the probably 75 titles I've bought on Steam with no real intention to play. From the GameCube to the DS to the Vita, PlayStation 4 and now the Switch, my shelves are packed with games waiting for me to take out of the shrink wrap let alone play. And with a few adjustments to my life this year -- I'm getting rid of cable so I don't spend my nights watching Modern Family reruns -- I'll probably get around to beating four or five of them throughout the next 12 months. One game I probably won't ever find time for is Fantasy Life.

This Level-5 title should be the most played game on my 3DS. I adored London Life in Professor Layton and the Last Specter, so finding the joy of Fantasy Life should have been a no-brainer. But boy howdy did it pick the wrong release date. The game launched on October 24, 2014. You know what else launched that same date? Bayonetta 2. Which one got my attention for the next two weeks? Bayonetta 2. Which one will I rebuy for the Switch next month and spend two weeks playing through without even thinking about the other one? Bayonetta 2. 

Such is the first-world problems of a man with too many video game systems and too little time on his hands. Had I not bothered to buy a Wii U the year before, I have no doubt in my mind Fantasy Life would have around 100 hours of playtime on my 3DS. Instead it sits around seven, and with every new game that gets added to my catalog -- I just bought Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 -- it falls further and further to the bottom of that pile.

What is one game you know will never leave your backlog? screenshot