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What original Xbox game are you most excited to play again?

August 06, 2017 2 min read

When coming up with this week's question, I had a thought. Looking back over the past Destructoid Discusses, I never centered one around the Xbox. Now, part of that reason is I've never owned an Xbox. I have been able to play all three generations, however, because most of my roommates over the years have been hardcore fans of the brand. So I've played Halo, Halo 2, Project Gotham Racing, Dead or Alive 3, Fable and more. And I've enjoyed those games immensely.

So when it was announced the Xbox One family of consoles would be getting backward compatibility at E3, a moment I hope didn't discourage indie developers for the console when it received a more thunderous applause than any of their games did, I immediately thought about what game from the 128-bit era I wanted to play the most. It took me a while to find my answer because most of the games I played have much better sequels more readily available.

That's why I settled on Godzilla Destroy All Monsters Melee. I love Godzilla. I love Shin Godzilla. Everything I have seen of City Shrouded in Shadow makes me think it's the Godzillagame I've always wanted. Because, let's be frank, Godzilla games have been on a steady downward trend. Melee was such dumb fun when it came out I played it for a month straight *cough* on the GameCube *cough*. Save the Earth didn't have the same impact on me and Unleashedis genuinely bad. Then came 2014's Godzilla, a title Destructoid staff members talked me out of buying when it went on sale.

So yeah, I want to play Destroy All Monsters Melee because if we're not going to be given good, new games starring the world's baddest bitch, then at least let me play the last great game she starred in.

What original Xbox game are you most excited to play again? screenshot