When does the first Magic: Arena mastery pass end? On September 26

September 03, 2019 1 min read

The dance of the mastery (season) pass in Magic: Arena has been a long one, and Wizards of the Coast was sort of learning on the fly during it all, stepping on toes in the process.

When the pass launched in early July the idea was simple: introduce a season pass into the game, similar to how Fortnite and Rocket League are monetized. But the way that Wizards implemented it was puzzling, as it locked players out of XP gains by forcing them to play on a daily basis, lest they miss out on huge amounts of XP.

After a universal pushback Wizards changed the system to allow for a broader, more relaxed "15 wins a week" XP cap, with the chance to earn more XP overall. Events have helped push XP even more, and there's another event coming on September 9 that will grant 200 bonus XP for two consecutive wins that can be repeated an unlimited amount of times.

Before we gear up for the second mastery pass for the next set though (and rotation), you should probably be aware of the end date: 4AM PT on September 26. You have until that time to reach as far as you can with the pass, at which point it'll end and the next pass for Throne of Eldraine will begin (that's also the launch date for the next set).

MTG Arena: State of the Beta [Wizards of the Coast]

When does the first Magic: Arena mastery pass end? On September 26 screenshot