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Where are the secret boss fights in Streets of Rage 4?

May 01, 2020 1 min read

Yesterday saw the release Dotemu's excellent Streets of Rage 4. As such, you may have already thrown hands with classic SoR villains such as Nora, Garnet, and Barbon. But I know what you're thinking: "This is all well and good, Y Signal, but I want to beat up that tonally inappropriate alien guy from Streets of Rage 2".

Well, have I got the guide for you...

Streets of Rage 4 has several secret boss fights, which let players throw down with some classic 16-bit bosses on their pixelated stomping grounds. To access these fights, all you need do is bag yourself a taser and electrify one of several Bare Knuckle arcade cabs strewn throughout the city. In SoR 4, the taser is a fragile weapon, so be careful not to use it before it's helped you on on your time-warping trip to the 1990s.

Unfortunately, completing these fights does not unlock anything new, but it's still a neat touch - yet another way that Streets of Rage 4 pays homage to its series' storied history. You can find the locations of four secret fights below. But these are early days, so who knows what else might be uncovered now that the game is in the hands of the public?

(The bosses themselves have not been revealed to keep the surprise element.)

Where are the secret boss fights in Streets of Rage 4? screenshot