Where the Hell is Arc the Lad?

March 15, 2020 1 min read

[If there are games that haven't gotten new entries in years, seemingly disappearing from the zeitgeist, and wasting their potential, Lord Spencer has probably played them.Arc the Lad has always been that game in the periphery as I went on playing my usual rotation of games. But I am reminded now, in the godforsaken year of 2020, that I haven't seen anArc the Lad in years. Where the hell isArc the Lad? ~Marcel]

Coming into the console market as a new player, Sony knew they had to cover all bases, especially regarding the RPG genre that is heavily favored by the audience in Japan. As such, they had three major RPG game releases in their first year, all published by their video game wing. One was Wild Arms(Where the Hell is Wild Arms?), another was PoPoLoCrois, a one-off game. Both games were turn-based JRPGs.

Where the Hell is Arc the Lad? screenshot