Which of the Switch's October fighters is most deserving of the win?

October 22, 2019 1 min read

Skullgirls: 2nd Encore is perhaps the most beautiful high res, hand-drawn 2D fighter ever. It's been critically acclaimed for years and is available on just about every platform as of today, its launch date for Nintendo Switch. Just last week, another 2D fighter called Roof Rage was released on the same console. This one is all-new, still working to build an audience, combining elements of AAA fighters like Street Fighter and Smash Bros. together with deep-cut darlings like Samurai Gunn and Outfoxies in equal measure.

These are about as different as games in the genre can get, though they both excel in the areas they prioritize.  If Skullgirls is a hyper-focused distillation of everything great about the Capcom superhero rave arcade era, then Roof Rage is a jack of all trades, master of... three? Maybe even four, depending on how the still in development online mode turns out. They are also both games made by the first generation of developers who barely remember a time before Street Fighter and Smash Bros. existed. Neither has much interest in simulating an actual fight. Both take the wildest moments of '90s fighters as a baseline and build on the abstraction from there. 

But which game deserves to win the battle for your hard-earned cash? Read on to find out! 

Which of the Switch's October fighters is most deserving of the win? screenshot