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Why I still love Final Fantasy XIII

April 30, 2018 1 min read

[I am of the opinion thatFinal Fantasy XIII is a puddle of wet farts...but that doesn't mean you still can't morbidly enjoy wet farts! LaTerry's line below, "I love it so much," is such a bold and amazing statement on how you can really, truly enjoy something despite its faults. And if you can't find the good even in the admittedly rather bad, then you're really going to miss out on some hidden gems. Save your vitriol of the game for another article - just enjoy the jank with us. - Wes]

Before we start, it is important that I admit that Final Fantasy XIII is a bad game. It's a little bit terrible. It has so many problems. Final Fantasy XIII is what Torchman thinks about your waifu. Squeenix made so many poor decisions when making this.

I love it so much.

Why I still love Final Fantasy XIII screenshot