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Why Tetris is my coping tool for anxiety

May 27, 2018 1 min read

(Image courtesy of Cookiemagic)

A couple of years ago I took my daughter to a Tetris tournament. It was the first gaming event of any kind for either of us, one held by a local, used video game shop that recently underwent a retooling of ownership and was trying to build a bit of a retro gaming community. I didn’t know what to expect from it, or how badly I would get my ass kicked, but I was curious. And my five-year-old -- both the one I bought with me and my five-year-old self who grew up on movies like The Wizard -- was to the moon about it.

It was better laid out than I expected. The room was packed with old Commodore monitors and had Super Nintendo systems and Gamecube's attached. There were essentially four different ladders, one for Dr. Mario, one for multiplayer Tetris, one for single player Tetris, and one for Mixed Match, a mode exclusive to the SNES game Tetris and Dr. Mario that mixed Tetris and Dr. Mario sessions together in timed intervals, producing a single high score at the end.

Why Tetris is my coping tool for anxiety screenshot