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With Session, one studio aims to reinvent skateboarding games

November 21, 2017 1 min read

For years, skateboarding thrived in the shadows. It was a sport defined by alleyways and scraped knees pioneered by punks and self-described weirdos. Before the X-Games and multimillion-dollar sponsorship deals, skateboarding was a secret ritual shared between outcasts. Together, outside of popular culture's watching eye, kids practiced kickflips for hours. They pushed one another to learn tricks, celebrated successful attempts, and laughed when their friends' faces hit the pavement. 

Skateboarding's changed a lot since then. It's grown up. What was once the gangly, easily-bullied cousin of traditional team sports has become a staple of youth culture. It's on television, now, during prime time, attracting entire generations to waste days rolling around. No matter what, skateboarding's allure lies in its simplicity. It might just be a piece of wood, four wheels, and two pieces of metal, but when you're riding one anything seems possible.

And that's where Session comes in. Following in the footsteps of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and EA's Skate series, the independently developed skateboarding game aims to capture the sport in its purest form. There are no high scores or outside influences. According to developer Creā-ture Studios, Session aspires to nothing more than to be the closest possible version of skateboarding ever seen in a video game.

With Session, one studio aims to reinvent skateboarding games screenshot