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Wonder Park trailer is clearly hiding a dark secret

July 09, 2018 2 min read

We got the first trailer for Paramount's Wonder Parktoday and normally I'd let it slide right by but the teaser trailer is so devoid of anything even remotely hinting at a plot that I felt compelled to share it. It definitely looks stunning, but aside from that and the fact that a girl discovers a theme park, which is randomly named Wonderland and not Wonder Park, I have no idea what the hell this movie will be about. With the park seemingly springing back to life in an instant and magical animals pleasantly interacting with humans my guess at the main thrust of the film -- the struggle of a few talking animals and a little girl to re-open a park and rekindle childhood wonder in people of all ages -- is ruined.

The official plotline doesn't give us much either: "Wonder ParkĀ tells the story of a magnificent amusement park where the imagination of a wildly creative girl named June comes alive."

Our only real clue is that it comes from the creators of the TV show ZooĀ in which animals from around the world go crazy and start killing people. So, new best guess? This is actually not a children's movie at all. What we're not seeing is the secret plot the talking animals are hatching to kill all of humanity, and all they needed to enact it was the DNA of a little, brown-haired girl. All the scenes we're seeing? The feverĀ dream or "imagination" of this dying girl as she is the first human to fall to the genetic disease the animals use to take over the world.

Or maybe it'll just be about rebuilding the park.

Death Wonder ParkĀ opens March 15, 2019.

Wonder Park trailer is clearly hiding a dark secret screenshot