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World War Z pits players against 500-zombie swarms

June 18, 2018 1 min read

We've all killed a lot of zombies. They're video game fodder. Entry-level enemies. Shambling corpses with no discernible traits other than an unfortunate pallor and a penchant for human flesh. Zombies suck.

Licensed games also tend to suck. Let's be real: movie properties rarely translate into something fun and playable, just as video games adaptations make for almost universally bad films.

World War Z, then, seems to have the cards stacked against it. It's a zombie shooter based off of an existing film franchise. Individually, those two elements might be cause for alarm. But after playing through one of World War Z's levels at E3, I walked away thinking that maybe -- just maybe -- we could all stand to shoot a few more zombies.

World War Z pits players against 500-zombie swarms screenshot