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Ye old video game oddities & opinions of yesteryear

July 16, 2017 1 min read

[You know what's even better than making bold predictions and talking shit about future occurrences? Looking back on them twenty years later to make fun of them! That's exactly what 16-Bit Blast Processing does with this doozy of a blog. Join him as he regales of us tales of doomed consoles, wrong opinions, and creepy love letters to fictional characters in this latest offering from the Community Blogs. "But Wes, how can I get featured on the Front Page?" you may be asking yourself. Easy - write a cool blog! - Wes]

Today I'll be sharing with you all oddities and spicy opinions from yesteryear! From angry rants on Usenet, bold predictions on 4chan, to bizarre letters to EGM! Let's put on our internet archaeology hats and dig deep!

Ye old video game oddities & opinions of yesteryear screenshot